Friday, April 13, 2012

lots of firsts

When you start a business there are a lot of firsts.  And you just hope they keep on coming!  They are all exciting and it is such a privilage and blessing to me to have such great friends and family around me that get excited right along with me... no matter how big or small... they give high fives, share your accomplishments with their friends and "like" everything you post on facebook!
So here's a this magazine...right here. There is just something exciting about seeing something you created in a magazine you bought at Barnes and Noble!  And yes, this one is really my buddy Heidi from HLP photo's article to be proud of, but I did the flower arrangment for her beautiful baby shower and she mentioned my name in the little feature!!  It really is exciting....for both of us!  It's great to be able to share something like this with someone who is not just a professional aquaintance but has become a great friend through the work we have been able to do together!  Check out the pictures from the magazine on Heidi's blog over here. 
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